Common Knowledge: Seat of the Rekkenmark Military College, the cold, harsh land of Karrnath molds a cold, harsh people.  Lead by King Kaius II and with the gifts of the Blood of Vol, the dozens of warlords that hold petty fiefdoms in Karrnath have re-energized their military with the undead.  While some civilians question the morality of it, no one refuses to pay the new corpse tax.

(Think Psudo-Feudal Germany, but also a heavy metal album.)

Allies: While the Blood of Vol exists in each country, nowhere does it have more sway than Karrnath.  In addition, despite their recent rebellion, the Mror Holds have given Karrnath loans and material on very good terms, attempting to bury any bad blood under a cash windfall.

Enemies: As with the other nations, Karrnath has engaged in hostilities with every nation at one point over the past 60 years.  However, the new Thranish Theocracy (lead by the Church of the Silver Flame) bears Karrnath particular malice, due to their constant usage of the undead.

On top of that, the Lhazaar Principalities seem to take particular joy in raiding Karnthi shipping.

The True Danger: Everything will be all right as long as the warlords of Karrnath continue fighting amongst themselves as much as their external enemies.  If they unite, the Karrnath war machine will spill across the continent, drowning Khorvaire in blood and death.


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