The Aurum

Common(…ish) Knowledge: A shadowy alliance of some of the wealthiest citizens of Khorvaire, which uses the power of gold and platinum to increase its influence across the continent.

The Aurum acts as a resource as opposed to an active force. Its members share knowledge to improve their personal fortunes or to defeat common rivals.

The members of the Aurum attempt to use their wealth to increase their personal power. The organization has gold, and it wants to make more of it — by crippling commercial enemies, stealing artifacts from Xen’drik, grave-robbing, gaining important inside information, and so on.

Allies: The Atrium has no enemies or allies, only interests.

Enemies: See above.

The True Danger:  Everything will be fine as long as the Aurum never gains hold of a throne of the Five Nations.

The Aurum

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