Common Knowledge: Originally, Thrane was known for wide, sweeping fields, fertile farmland, and devotion to the Church of the Silver Flame.  Of course, that was back when the kingdom was still a kingdom.  After several crushing military defeats and a (some would say cynically) well timed vision from the Pontiff of the Silver Flame, the capital was in revolt, and the Thranish Theocracy was born.  The following string of victories was all the people needed to throw their support behind the Theocracy, and it's vision of a single continent, united in worship of the Silver Flame.

(Think Psudo-Feudal Spain, but the Catholic Church actually runs things.  And demons really do go bump in the night.)

Allies: With an aging king with no heirs anywhere near King Breland's stature and a growing movement to put all governance in their new "Parliament," Breland is… uneasy with the mere presence of  about the idea of overthrowing , politics makes strange bedfellows.  Also, 

While the Church of the Silver Flame obviously supports Thrane (hence, theocracy), the Purified (aka worshipers of the Silver Flame) outside Thrane see the Theocracy as a distraction from the Church's business of protecting the well being of the people from spiritual and supernatural evil.

Enemies: Karnath has little love for the Church of the Silver Flame, or for their hyper religious Thranish neighbors.

Aundair is conflicted on the Silver Flame, and thus on Thrane.  Debate still rages on whether or not the Lycanthropic Inquisition that took place in the Eldeen Reaches was a desperately needed struggle against werewolves and other monsters or an excuse to purge Shifters from the land.

The True Danger: If the Royalists regain power through force, the light of the Silver Flame might be snuffed out in vengeance.


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